SEO and Social

SEO can be a complicated topic. But, with the right professionals working for you, they can make it easy. If you are in need of search engine optimization I highly recommend Helmut Hampton SEO. They have helped us to greatly expand our Indonesian cuisine business.

To make the most of your SEO marketing, it is helpful to understand a little bit about what makes it work. Search engine optimization is how you rank in Google and other search engines. If you want to rank in the search engines, then it is important to have various social properties going to your website.

SEO and Social

When you open up a store, you tell all your friends right? Well, soon early when you open up a website you want to tell all your friends online as well. If no one is talking about your website on Facebook, YouTube, Weebly, etcetera. Then it kind of looks like that website is not all that important. If your website is not important, then why should the search engines rank it highly? That is why SEO needs to incorporate a healthy amount of social platforms to go along with the main website.

Youtube and Facebook Help with SEO

For example, if you have an SEO website you can also have a variety of social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook talking about your website. Also, having YouTube videos is very helpful for letting people know about what you offer.things to do with seo

For example videos showing our cuisine. Other websites, whether online businesses or brick-and-mortar businesses, should have videos highlighting their services and showing what is different about their businesses. Not only is this good SEO, but it is also very helpful for people who are looking for services. It will help him to decide if you are the company that they want to give their business to.

I hope this article on SEO has been helpful, please leave your comments below.

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SEO in Tampa

We have been very happy to bring you Jakarta delight cuisine to your family. We feel honored to be able to serve our community the best Indonesian food and would like to take this opportunity to thank someone who has helped us greatly. We now receive many orders online as well as people coming in to our restaurant from searching online from their computers at home or on their mobile phone.


semThanks to our search engine optimization expert, Helmut Hampton, we have been able to be at the top those searches that are important to us. Helmut Hampton SEO service has helped us to be more visible online and has, thus, helped us considerably to grow our business. You can also check out Helmut Hampton SEO

We are happy to be #1 for the terms “Indonesian cuisine” in our area. Now, when people search for this, they see Nasilahar Cuisine first, and are far more likely to come to us for their dining or catering. For catering it has been a tremendous value because appearing #1 in Google on mobile phones and home computers makes our business look more reputable and stable. It adds a sense of catering business professionalism that is difficult to duplicate in other ways.


Also, we are appearing in the Google Maps and are happy to be receiving phone calls and visits from Google, Yelp, Mapquest, and other local searches. This is a wonderful situation because people are really looking for Indonesian food, and now we have been ideally places to where everyone can see us. It’s a win-win because our customers are happy, and we are able to have a lot more business because of SEO (search engine optimization).


socialHelmut Hampton SEO optimized on website to let the search engines know what our site is about .He also coordinate to have all kinds of social websites about our brand. This helps to both build trust in our website as a real business brand as well as generate some traffic from those social sites and local directories. Finally, we have been featured on other websites and that has helped others to see our growing popularity both online and our brick and mortar physical location.

Business Growth

With this kind of growth, it is possible that we will be expanding to other locations as well. We are also beginning to get calls about catering from St Pete, Clearwater and Ybor! But, for now would we like to focus on our current location in Tampa and serving our hungry customers there as best as possible. Once we have a good grasp of maintaining our main location, we will then look into expanding to other areas nearby.

Special Thanks

So, we wanted to make this post for Helmut to show him right here on our site how much we appreciate his efforts and the results we’ve been receiving to grow our business. We also want to thank you, our loyal customers, for helping make Nasilahar what it is today and continuing to support us. We are always happy to provide you with the best Indonesian food we can make and top-notch service.

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Losing Weight For Summer: Caloric Deficit and some Garcinia Cambogia

With summer just around the corner, may people are scrambling to figure out how to lose weight for summer. While we here at specialize in Indonesian cuisine, we also like to help people understand how our meals can contribute to losing weight as well as how it can stand in the way.

Many Indonesian dishes have what’s called a “rice box”. Now rice is healthy and nutritious. But, rice is also very calorically dense. This means that rice has a lot of calories per serving. A good way to illustrate this is comparing a cup of rice and a cup of spinach…

beach body for summer time

Caloric Deficits Made Simple

A cup of rice is about 200 calories, depending on the type. By comparison, a cup of spinach is 7 calories! Can you see why eating rice may not be in your best interest if you’re trying to slim down for summer? But, on the contrary, eating a lot of vegetables will help you to burn fat. They have such low calories, that you can eat and eat until you are full of them, and you’ll still be very low on your calories. They may taste as great as rice, but you can add seasonings with have no calories.

If you are going to season you vegetables, make sure you don’t start adding a bunch of oils. A lot of our food has sesame oil that, while delicious, has a lot of calories. So, while you’re cooking at home. Check out this list to connect with others who have successfully used garcinia cambogia:

It’s best to try to get full with just plain vegetables and seasoning and not to try to get too creative with oils and such during the cooking process. This will help you stay full while keeping your calories low.

Check the Efectos Secundarios

always check the efectos secundarios of any pillsAnother way to help you to burn fat and lose weight in time for your summer beach trip is garcinia de cambogia. A lot of people wonder whether it works or not. I can tell you it does work. It uses the extract of gummi gutta which contains HCA (hydroxycitric acid). HCA has been proven to suppress your appetite. So, you eat less and burn fat. If you are going to take any kind of weight loss pills, make sure that you know the side effects. You can see the garcinia cambogia efectos secundarios on their site.

Make Sure It’s Pura

You also want to be sure that if you do the pill route you get a good brand. If you don’t live in the United States you may have some trouble finding a reputable brand and that will ship to your country. There are a lot of companies that simply won’t ship to Peru for some reason. It seems to have to do something with shipping logistics for the supplement. But, I did find somewhere online where you can get it sent to Peru here:

This type is pure, so no worries there. If you live in most any other country, you shouldn’t have any problems finding what you need. If you search online you should eventually find one without any issues, especially in the US. But, again, make sure that you get garcinia cambogia pura with HCA and not some other ingredients they decided to throw in.

Putting Everything Together

Losing weight isn’t necessarily hard. The problem is that most people try to take shortcuts. By trying to make it easier, they make losing weight more complicated. But, that just makes it harder. Rather, just keep it simple. Get into a caloric deficit as many days as you can. Have a cheat meal once or twice a week. And if you’re going to take weight loss pills, make sure their pura and you know the efectos secundarios. Garcinia with HCA is a good option that has worked for a lot of people. Just remember, it’s not going to miraculously make you drop a bunch of weight. It’s an appetite suppressant, not a fairy tale. Just use it to help you with your diet and weight loss goals, not as the only means of achieving them.

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Happy Time Indonesian Cuisine

For the happy time taste of Jakarta, come to to order the best local Indonesian food. If you would like to like or follow any of our social accounts, you can see them below. Jakarta dining is a special experience and we love to bring families together with our special-made meals. Our recipes are authentic Indonesian cuisine that will keep you coming back for more.

Please look over our menu and call us if you have any questions about the menu items. We are happy to assist you in with any questions. We offer takeout, in-house seating, and catering.

For information on our catering services, please call us se we can see how we can best assist you in your upcoming event.

Check out our social pages here:

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